WATCH: Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Raced a Horse In College

While he was in college, Dez Bryant raced a horse and lost. But he wanted a rematch. Watch what happened.

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is one of the NFL's best athletes. Standing 6-feet-2 and weighing 220 pounds, the Pro Bowler is known for his size and ability to catch passes that seem out of reach with his huge hands. However, one thing  Bryant is not often credited with is his speed.

But that's about to change.

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While attending college at Oklahoma State University, Bryant decided one day to race a horse. Automatically, you think the horse will be the clear victor—and it was. In the video below, watch the horse pull away, leaving Bryant in the dust.

But of course, Bryant wants a rematch. And this time he gets off to a great start and beats the horse by a hair! Sweet revenge!

We conclude from this that Bryant is as fast as a horse, which is pretty dang fast.

Watch the video below to see Dez Bryant outrun a horse.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock