Dirk Nowitzki's Trainer Roasting Him for Being Old Is Everything

Dirk laughs off some good-natured barbs from his trainer.

Whenever Dirk Nowitzki leaves us and the great game of basketball behind, it will be a tragedy. Not only is the 19-year veteran still an absolute joy to watch on the court, even if he moves at a third of the pace he used to, but he also has one of the best personalities in the game.

So when he tried to have some fun with his trainer, mimicking Victor Oladipo's text message to his trainer after a Game 7 loss to find out when he could start working out again, it felt like it would be a lightearted exchange. Then Nowitzki's trainer jumped down on him from the top rope.

I think the best line here is, "Your full court sprints are timed with a calendar." That's just ruthless. Whether or not Dirk returns for a 20th season remains to be seen, but at least he still possesses the ability to laugh at himself.