9 Disgusting Things Athletes Have Tried to Get a Performance Edge

Nine gross and dangerous (not to mention ineffective) practices that prove some misguided athletes will try anything to win.

Drinking Breast Milk

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Drinking Breast Milk

You probably stopped drinking the stuff as a baby, but on some bodybuilding forums, breast milk is viewed as "the greatest supplement ever," with some scouring the Internet to try and buy it. And although human breast milk contains protein and carbohydrates—just like every other type of milk—you know what else is in there? Disease-causing pathogens.

In fact, The New York Times recently cited a study reporting that 64 percent of the milk sold in various online sites contained several kinds of bacteria, including staph, strep and salmonella. "It's a dangerous practice," Dr. Shawn Evans of Scripps La Jolla Hospital told FOX 5. As for the perceived performance benefit of drinking breast milk, Evans said, "It's a big myth."