Style for Your Eyes: Dita Fall 2011 Lookbook

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Dita SunglassesResting behind statement shades can help you make a big impression off the field. Looking to start or add to your collection? Consider the Dita Fall 2011 line, which includes some slick new models. Among the athletes and celebs who've made their mark with Dita sunglasses are LeBron James, David Beckham and Usher.

The trademark of Dita shades is their ultra-modern yet subtle retro feel. The frames have space age detailing, and the lenses come in a variety of impact color treatments.

New Dita models released this fall include:

Exeter: Wide glass with intricate detailing across the top, including antique silver; available in grey with black mirror lenses
Transmission: Chunky, broad black on black with dark grey, solid lenses
Century: A more subtle style, with shiny white and gold accents, tan faux leather and dark brown gradient lenses

Dita sunglasses are handcrafted from materials like acetate and titanium, which means they can withstand a lot of hard handling. You can toss them in a sports bag without fear. And the lenses and detailing will look great for years—no worries about losing your bling.

Investing in a pair of statement sunglasses can carry you and your image through a few seasons. If eyes are the window of the soul, it follows that cool shades can only add to your mystery.

Dita Fall 2011


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock