DIY Sandbag for Convenient Training

Make your own sandbag and start working out with it today.

You probably know that sandbags are great training tools for any athlete, regardless of the sport he or she plays. What you may not know is that you don't need to buy one from a sporting goods store. You can make your own sandbag, and it can be very affordable. Here's how:

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What You Need

  • 50-pound bag of play sand. These cost less than $5 at a home improvement store.
  • 30-gallon trash bag
  • Duct tape
  • Duffle bag made of thick material. You should still be able to get one for less than $20.
  • Scale, to determine if your sandbag weighs less than 50 pounds.

Putting It Together

  • If you want a 50-pound sandbag, place the entire bag of sand in the trash bag. If you want your bag to weight less, place the trash bag on the scale, cut open the bag of sand, and pour the sand into the trash bag until it reaches your desired weight.
  • Fold the trash bag so the opening is closed off, and use the duct tape to seal the bag closed.
  • Place the trash bag with the sand into the duffle bag and zip it closed. Place duct tape over the zipper so it will be less likely to come open.

Start Training

With your new sandbag, you can do a variety of exercises by picking it up and carrying it over your shoulder, lifting it and dropping it, or using the handles of the duffle bag to carry it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock