Do NOT Wear a Michigan T-Shirt While Interviewing Draymond Green

Michigan State product Draymond Green spots a reporter wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt. What happens next?

Draymond Green played four years of college basketball at Michigan State, a school situated in East Lansing, 64 miles west of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. As is usually the case between two schools in the same state, a fierce rivalry has developed—a rivalry that Green takes very, very seriously.


While addressing a media scrum during the Warriors off-day yesterday, Green noticed someone in the crowd wearing a Michigan t-shirt—and he completely lost it.

"Somebody get this guy out of here with this Michigan shirt," Green said. "Y'all serious?"

From that point on, Green, who had been discussing Andre Iguodala's impact on the team, could not recover his train of thought. He was so disgusted, so taken aback that someone would wear the shirt of his rival school in his presence, that his mind turned to mush.

So, a reminder, reporters. You shouldn't wear shirts with sports affiliations during interviews, especially not a Michigan shirt when you're chatting with Draymond Green.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock