Dolphin Kick Tips from USA Swimming

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Check out what Russell Mark, biomechanics coordinator for the USA Swimming team, has to say about the dolphin kick—a must-have skill if you're looking to 'fly past the competition.

Dolphin Kick Technique

1. Start your body wave from your chest.
Keep your upper body fairly still. Don't overdo the motion so it causes a bend in your shoulders or waist.

2. Move the wave through the core/midsection of your body.
The core helps build force that eventually culminates in your toes.

3. Once your legs are fully extended, snap your feet together
Try to keep your feet together throughout the kick, so you can snap them together to make the whip.

Coaching Points

• It's a whole body movement; don't just kick from your knees.
• Having good ankle and lower back flexibility will positively affect the amplitude of your kick.
• Balance how far you go under water with how good your kick is. Don't deprive your body of oxygen so much that you can't swim the remaining length.
• To prevent fatigue, maintain a constant frequency with your kick.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock