This High School Lineman Is the Biggest Football Player You've Ever Seen

This defensive lineman looks like he's playing against kindergartners.

Football players are usually big guys, but Dondre Harris takes it to another level. Standing at 7-feet tall and weighing 380 pounds, Harris, currently a senior at Essex High School in Northern Virginia, is a starter on the defensive line.

Watch the video below. Harris looks like he's playing against kindergartners. How'd they even find a jersey to fit him? We can't help but be reminded of Andy Reid's legendary Punt, Pass and Kick contest.  Thus far, Harris hasn't garnered much college interest, but that could change with a strong senior season. He's certainly got the size. If he cleans up his technique and hits the weight room hard, he'll command a double team on every single snap.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock