Don't Have Space for Sled Pushes? Use This Resisted Treadmill Instead

The SHREDsled makes it possible to do Prowler-style exercises anywhere, anytime, even in a small space.

Prowler sleds have become a staple of high-performance training.

Prowlers are an excellent tool for developing lower-body power, increasing ground force and improving cardiovascular conditioning. We've seen elite athletes like Cam Newton, Jason Pierre-Paul and Caroline Wozniacki include Prowler exercises in their routines.

"I think every facility should find a way to incorporate the Prowler. This is a fantastic strength and conditioning tool that can be used in many ways," says Kasey Esser, CSCS and owner of Essers of Los Angeles.

However, the Prowler does have one big limitation—it requires quite a lot of open space. Not every facility has the space or surface to accommodate a Prowler, so they can't use it in their training programs. But a new product called the SHREDsled is aimed at changing that.

Pu simply, the SHREDsled is a Prowler-style treadmill:

Invented and patented by Tony Villani, owner of XPE Sports Academy in Boca Raton, Florida, the SHREDsled allows athletes to reap the benefits of Prowler-style exercises without taking up a large amount of floorspace. "I was trying to create something that offered the effects of the Prowler sled but took up no space. That's what we did. Now you don't need any space and you can really work on that drive phase and leg power," Villani says.

Prior to creating the SHREDsled, Villani (with help from a mechanical engineer) invented a product known as the SHREDmill. The SHREDmill is a manually powered treadmill designed to build sprinting strength and reinforce good running mechanics. The same patented magnetic variable resistance system used in the SHREDmill is used in the SHREDsled. The design offers what Villani calls "the smoothest form of resistance."

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Football linemen make extensive use of the SHREDsled, but a different type of athlete has also taken to the training tool—MMA fighters. The Blackzilians—one of the most accomplished fight teams in the world—train regularly at XPE and use the SHREDsled on a regular basis. "UFC fighters really need to work on that leg power and that short burst phase of taking someone down," Villani says.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Anquan Boldin is reportedly planning to buy several SHREDsled units to put in the weight room at his alma mater Pahokee High School (Florida). If you're interested in learning more about the SHREDsled, check out XPE's website.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock