Don't Sweat It: Athletic Deodorant Reviews

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Athlete Deodorant

Give yourself an edge in the battle against perspiration with one of these four athlete-approved options.

Axe Twist - $4
Get bored easily? This antiperspirant starts off with a citrus smell and evolves to something more natural and earthy as the day wears on.

Axe Deodorant

Old Spice High Endurance - $3
Old Spice has an impressive lineup of sports-inspired scents. Game Day and Playmaker promise "24 hours of handsome-smelling quarterback smell."

Old Spice Deodorant

Right Guard Aerosol - $4
If you're tired of dealing with deodorant stains on your T-shirts, try this aerosol spray to get the same all-day protection as a stick without the mess.

Right Guard Deodorant

Degree Clinical Protection - $8
The search for the most powerful antiperspirant stops here. Apply before going to bed, and it will remain effective throughout the next day, even through showers.

Degree Deodorant


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