Double Vision: Preview of McCourty Twins' DB-Specific Workout

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Even temperatures in the triple-digits couldn't stop Devin and Jason McCourty—aka the McCourty Twins—from demonstrating their DB-specific workout yesterday at their alma mater, Rutgers University. Did we mention the brothers took the field just before 1 p.m., immediately following a weight room workout and conditioning session with members of the Rutgers football team?

There's a reason why the McCourty brothers are the only identical twins in all of professional sports; and the work ethic they displayed while enduring the stifling heat is that reason. Their goal each and every off-season is to improve their skills as defensive backs, including footwork, change-of-direction speed, DB-specific techniques and ball skills.

"Become a wide receiver once the ball is in the air and you have a chance to make a play on the ball," Devin says, echoing the directive of Bill Belichick, his Patriots head coach, as he covers Jason, who is playing a wideout, down the field.

The on-field session is more than just training; it's a meeting of the minds between the McCourtys. The brothers trade information they've learned during their time away from each other, Devin in New England and Jason in Tennessee with the Titans. As brothers tend to do, they engage in playful ribbing between reps and have minor arguments—today, regarding the flight of the football for a Skinny Post Route.

In the end, the twins walked off the field knowing that they took full advantage of the day to improve their performance and that their extra work will pay off when they go their separate ways for the start of training camp.

We'll have plenty more from our afternoon with Devin and Jason, including video of their DB drills and instructional skills. Keep it locked on for more from the lockdown corners.

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