'Draft Day' Trailer: Kevin Costner Tries to Save the Cleveland Browns

Kevin Costner tries to rebuild the Cleveland Browns in the upcoming film, 'Draft Day.'

In Draft Day, the Cleveland Browns are in desperate need of new talent. General manager Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner) is determined to bring a championship trophy back to the city—something that hasn't happened since 1964—and the goal is in sight once he manages to obtain the top pick in the upcoming draft. What happens in the 24 hours preceding the actual pick is a series of choices in both his personal and professional life, as the two become intricately intertwined. The Browns owner (Frank Langella) threatens to fire him if he doesn't "make a splash," and Sonny has to find a way to inspire his new head coach, Vince Penn (Denis Leary).

"Your job is to coach a team I give you. They do it differently in Dallas?" says Sonny to Vince. The coach replies, "Yeah, they do. They win... A lot."

Sonny's wife (Jennifer Garner) encourages him to go with his gut. But he is constantly reminded that his decisions will determine the fate of the team.

Draft Day looks to be one of the year's most anticipated sports flicks and quite entertaining. Last year, Ali Bell, one of the producers, told The Plain Dealer what drew the cast and crew to the film. He said, "What we all really responded to in the script was the magical notion of draft day being the culmination of your life events, leading up to that one big moment. It's about those decisions you make and how they impact you and all the people around you."

Except for shots from the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, most of the filming took place at the Browns' facility in Ohio. The script was co-written by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph. Ivan Reitman is the director.

Draft Day will be released on April 11, 2014—one month before the actual NFL Draft. Will life imitate art?


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock