Draymond Green Talks About How He Almost Passed Out Mid-Workout

NBA Champion power forward Draymond Green talks about the role of Gatorade in his training.

When STACK Interviewed Draymond Green, power forward for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, he talked about his intensity and how he once almost passed out mid-workout. Green, who was voted to the 2015 NBA All-Defensive Team, attended the 2015 Gatorade Athlete of the Year Awards in Los Angeles on July 14.

STACK: Did you ever train without carbohydrates?

GREEN: I almost passed out. I went a time without drinking Gatorade. I was trying to stay away from carbs, and I almost passed out mid-workout. I had to stop, drink some Gatorade and carb up, and that's the last time I did that.

How does Gatorade play a role in your training?

Well, my training—I'm an intense guy, so I go hard and all-out every time I'm on the court or in the weight room so I sweat a lot. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes, and Gatorade puts put those electrolytes back in my body and allows me to perform at the highest level I can. When you lose sweat and don't replace it with anything, your body starts to get weaker. But when you replenish with Gatorade, the carbs and electrolytes get you back to the point where you need to be to perform your best.

How do you feel when you drink Gatorade?

I feel amazing. First off it's good, it has a great taste, but i feel replenished. It quenches the thirst. Kinda just feel new.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock