Draymond Green To Kyrie Irving: 'I Know All Your Moves'

The Warriors' Jack-of-all-trades thinks he has Kyrie Irving figured out.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got absolutely blitzed by the Golden State Warriors last night, turning their much-hyped Martin Luther King Day face-off into a thunderous blowout. The Cavs consistently turned the ball over, which led to a devastating 37 points in transition from the Warriors, and they shot just 35 percent as a team, including a freezing cold 25 percent from deep. The defending champs never had a chance.

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Kyrie Irving contributed six turnovers, and needed 19 shots to score 17 points. He did have a couple of nice drives, including two driving layups against Draymond Green in the first half. Those two players have gotten intimately familiar with each other's games over the past couple of years, from facing off in two straight NBA Finals to competing as teammates for Team USA in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Green thinks he knows Irving so well, in fact, that he told Irving he thinks he knows his entire arsenal of moves.

Green appeared to be referencing Irving's second layup against him, in which Irving sped past Green to his right, in the clip above. The irony here? Even if Green has some sort of handle on Irving's dribbling wizardry, it was of little help on Monday night. Irving still blew by him twice to get to the hole. Green has been known for his tendency to be hyperbolic, but I guess when you win a game by 35 points against the defending champs, you can say whatever you want.

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