Settle the Dream Team Debate With "NBA 2K13"

NBA 2K13 allows you to settle the Dream Team debate for yourself by including versions of both this year's Olympic team and the original 1992 Dream team.

NBA 2K13 Dream Team

As Team USA Basketball won its second consecutive Olympic gold medal this summer in London, the Internet got fired up over one burning question: Could the 2012 Dream Team beat the original Dream Team, winners of gold at the 1992 Games in Barcelona?

Would Kobe be able stop MJ? Who guards LeBron James? Who takes on Kevin Durant? And how could the original Dream Team have stopped point guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams?

Instead of yelling about it on the Internet, you'll be able to settle the debate for yourself, thanks to 2K Sports. As part of a partnership with USA Basketball, both the original Dream Team and this year's squad will be featured in NBA 2K13, available Oct. 2.

The 1992 Dream Team included bigs like Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley. Presumably, they would have a field day against  small-ball lineups Coach K trotted out this summer. And although many consider the more athletic current team much younger, the 1992 team was mostly made up of guys in their 20's.

So who do you think would win? Hit STACK up on Facebook or Twitter to toss us your thoughts. And preorder NBA 2K13 to settle the debate for yourself.

Source and Photo: 2K Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock