18 Basketball Dribbling Drills That Develop the Fundamentals

STACK Expert Kyle Ohman offers a variety of basketball dribbling drills to train young players.

Basketball Dribble
One of the challenges that young basketball players struggle with is comfortably dribbling with either hand while keeping their eyes up. It's critical to develop these skills at an early age, or you risk developing bad habits and falling behind your competition.

Fundamental drills tend to be boring. Young athletes always lean toward flashy advanced drills, because, let's face it, they want to look good on the court. So, the key is to focus on fundamental drills that are challenging, fresh and fun.

Tennis Ball Dribbling Drills

Tennis ball drills force players to keep their eyes up while dribbling the basketball, because they must look up to catch the ball each time they toss it. These drills also build dribbling confidence, since dribbling a tennis ball is much more challenging that dribbling a basketball.

Two-Basketball Dribbling Drills

When you dribble two basketballs at the same time, you have no choice but to use your weak hand. You cannot switch the ball back to your strong hand if you get in trouble, because that hand is already occupied with another basketball. This forces young players to learn to dribble effectively with both hands, and maximizes the time spent, since both strong and weak hands are worked.

One-Basketball Dribbling Drills

Single basketball dribbling drills are great for working on different moves, and they ensure plenty of variety. Make sure that your eyes are up, and dribble the ball as hard as you can. Mistakes are okay. In order to get better, you need to push yourself and not be afraid to mess up.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock