Drills to Make You a Better Point Guard

Point guards are floor leaders. The best ones make all their teammates better. Improve your point guard skills with these workouts and drills.

Chris Paul

The best point guards don't necessarily lead their team in points or assists. They're the players with the rare ability to draw the best out of their teammates.

Take Chris Paul, for example. Although he's athletically blessed, his greatest attribute is his competitiveness, which brings his teammates up to another level. This is what makes him a great point guard. (See STACK's feature on Chris Paul: Love of the Game.)

Anyone can give their best and compete. You just have to choose to do it. What comes first is accepting the challenge and the opportunity to lead your team.

A large part of a point guard's responsibility is reading the defense and running the offense. But you'll never be able to focus on that if you have to worry about ball handling or having the ball stolen. The basketball should be an extension of your body.

Here are some point guard drills to help you always make the right play.

Ball Handling Skill Workouts

Basketball Training Ball Handling Workout (with 1 basketball)
Basketball Training Ball Handling Workout (with 2 basketballs)

A great point guard recognizes and avoids potentially dangerous situations, like dribbling off a screen to attack or passing out of a hard trap. Staying out of high-risk situations prevents turnovers. Here are some drills to practice avoiding them. .

Drills to Avoid Dangerous Situations

Bust Out & Retreat Basketball Dribbling Drill

[youtube video="8X5ymam6FZE" /]

Push Crossover Dribble Drill

[youtube video="v01RVjNmdyw" /]

Ball Screen Retreat Dribble Attack

[youtube video="71AxnvPgNys" /]

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