Ahead of the NBA Draft, Duke's Brandon Ingram is on the World's Greatest Diet

Whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. It's the American Dream.

Brandon Ingram, the former Duke star and potential no. 1 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, is on a diet—but it's not the miserable kind that causes you to give up pizza for the rest of your life. In fact, Ingram hasn't had to give up anything at all. In an attempt to add weight for the NBA Draft, he's now eating foods he never ate before, chowing down on anything and everything to prepare for the physicality of the next level.

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Ingram, who stands 6-foot-10, weighed just 169 pounds when he arrived at Duke last fall. He told reporters that he put on 25 pounds during his freshman season. He currently weighs 195, but Ingram wants to get up and way over the 200-pound mark to better withstand the pounding he'll take from much bigger bodies guarding him. His solution? Eat as much as possible.

"Just eat everything I can," Ingram told ESPN, of his plan to add 10-15 more pounds before training camp begins in October. "At my weight, I think I can eat anything. I don't have a certain diet for myself. I just eat anything I can and stay in the weight room as much as possible."

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Man, that sounds like the life! Never having to look at a nutrition label and eating the worst foods you can think of? Truly the American dream. Ingram doesn't even understand his good fortune. Keep on eating, kid.

Brandon Ingram

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