Sprint's Kyosera DuraPlus a Lifesaver for Extreme Athletes

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Kyocera DuraplusIf you're into extreme sports, chances are good that you've broken a phone or two. Instead of dropping a couple hundred bucks on a new smartphone that might be destined for a watery grave, check out Sprint's new Kyocera DuraPlus, due out on March 11.

The DuraPlus meets military standards for use in the field, making it perfect for extreme athletes. Spend a lot of time on your surfboard? The DuraPlus can be submerged in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without an issue. Like the trails and mountains? The phone is dustproof and shock resistant, so it can fall out of your pocket while you're looking for your next handhold and bounce a few times without falling apart. Extreme temperatures your thing? The DuraPlus can handle those, too.

The phone has rubber armor around a candy bar-shaped device with old-school push buttons (touchscreens don't really cut it in the outdoors). However, it also comes with Sprint features like push-to-talk functions and connectivity with Now Network apps like Group Connect and Direct. You can also use Bluetooth and attach headphones for a few quick tunes. Bonus for nature lovers: DuraPlus  includes GPS support for those long treks or camping trips and an attached LED flashlight.

The phone arrives in stores just before spring break. Cost is $70 with a two-year contract. After March 11, watch YouTube for some impressive drop tests—like the one in the video below, performed on the Nokia 3720 (an older model that was designed to survive in rugged outdoor conditions).

Photo:  Engadget

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock