Dwight Howard: "It's Not Always About Talent"

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At the official launch of adidas' NBA Revolution 30 uniforms on Sept. 22, Dwight Howard [third from left] celebrated with NBA stars Wilson Chandler, Jordan Farmar and Brook Lopez in NYC.

Between ringing up fans at the register with their new jerseys, joking around on a walkie-talkie with adidas staff members and impersonating Charles Barkley, Dwight dished to STACK about his game, goals and the exorbitant amount of time he spends in the weight room.

STACK: Do you feel like you've gotten better talent-wise since last year?

Dwight Howard: It's not always about talent. When you get to the NBA Finals, both teams are very talented. The teams that win are the teams that work harder than the other team.

STACK: How have you been gearing up in the weight room?

DH: The ultimate goal is to win a championship. Any other individual goal will come from that. I would say last summer, before the season, I could Bench Press 235 [lbs.] 13 times, and by the time the season started, I did it 19 times. Any time I'm in the weight room, whatever I'm doing, I go hard.

STACK: In terms of training, what are the things you tend to focus on?

DH: I do a lot of different things, a lot of things for my core, a lot of things for my knees. The biggest thing you wanna do as an NBA player is protect your knees and your feet. Those are the two major parts on your body that you have to protect while you're playing. Everything is geared around protecting those areas.

STACK: Is there a workout this summer that stood out for you?

DH: Every workout is different. We don't do the same thing every time we step in the gym. It's very tough. And the reason why it's so tough is because we go to the point to where we can't lift anymore, 'til you can't go any more. You have to push yourself over that limit.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock