Dwyane Wade Is Not Interested in LeBron's 'Super Four' Dream Team Idea, But Carmelo Is

Dwyane Wade might like the idea, but he remains focused on the task at hand in Miami this season.

LeBron James and Friends at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game

LeBron James has been lighting up the sports headlines again this week, and speculation is growing  that he wants to leave Cleveland—again. He unfollowed his own team's Instagram and Twitter handles, then added fuel to the fire by stating he would welcome the idea of playing in a "Brotherhood" with his close friends Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade.

As might be expected from the leader of a perennial losing team, Anthony was quick to second the notion yesterday, saying he was open to taking a pay cut to join forces with the other three, preferably in a warm climate.

Even though D-Wade is a longtime ace and workout partner of King James, he shot down the idea in an effort to stay focused on his team and their goals this season.

It's clear that Pat Riley has promoted a different culture in Miami, one that is solely focused on the task at hand. However, as we all know, things in Cleveland are anything but focused. Following the controversial firing of head coach David Blatt, the Cavs have been mired in turmoil during the second half of the season. For their sake, we hope none of these distractions will derail their quest to bring an NBA Championship to Cleveland.

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