Dwyane Wade Reveals How Unbelievably Cheap LeBron is on Vacation

According to Dwyane Wade, LeBron James prefers not to incur roaming charges on his cellphone.

Dwyane Wade

Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has signed a two-year, $47.5 million contract with the Chicago Bulls. Clearly, his income potential was important to him. Wade wanted a deal that offered close to $50 million, and the Bulls were able to satisfy him. Heat president Pat Riley and others in the team's front office called Wade's bluff, but Wade wasn't bluffing and he didn't look back.

On Thursday, when Wade co-hosted Live With Kelly with Kelly Ripka, he was quick to mention another NBA player who cares about money.

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After the show, accompanied by his wife Gabrielle Union, Wade said that LeBron James is the cheapest NBA player on vacation. James, Wade and Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul recently spent a holiday together in Spain.

"He doesn't use his cellphone off the boat," Wade said. "If there's no wi-fi, then no data roaming."

Union concurred, saying that James does not mess with using his data.

"This is no joke," Wade said of James's seriousness about not racking up roaming charges.

Wade mimicked James, saying, "I'm going to send this text before I leave the boat because there ain't going to be no wi-fi probably."

Perhaps partly because of his frugality, James is the third wealthiest athlete in the world, with a net worth of $77.2 million, according to Forbes. 

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Wade threw in a playful dig about James's wealth, saying that the group of players rented an expensive yacht for their vacation. If James could pay his share of the yacht rental, why should using more cellphone data be a problem?

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James's concern about burning cellphone data might resonate with many people. It can be tough to find solid wi-fi hotspots. Even an icon like James uses data sparingly.

Check out the full video of Wade, Union and Ripa below.

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