Dwyane Wade's First 3-Pointer as a Chicago Bull Is a Sign of Things to Come

Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade has added some range to his game.

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade never really shot well from 3-point range when he was with the Miami Heat. His best regular season average is 31 percent, but during last year's playoffs, Wade shot an unusual 52 percent from 3. Now with a new team, he will be looking to shoot more.

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Wade, according to nba.com:

"My game translates anywhere. I've played with so many different players before. I'm not worried about that. It's me trying to understand offense, understand what we're trying to do, get to know my teammates. But I know where my sweet spot is, when to get aggressive. One thing I'm trying to get used to is that 3-point shot is going to be open a little bit more for me. And Coach is telling me to shoot it. That's a little new era for me."

On Monday night, the Bulls played their first pre-season game (against the Milwaukee Bucks), and the three-time NBA champion shot the ball well. Wade's first shot with the Bulls was a 3 and he finished the night 2-for-2 from deep.

If the 34-year-old Wade starts to make the deep ball more consistently, it will obviously help his new team. But just because Wade is expanding his range doesn't mean he won't still be the slasher we've seen for 13 seasons.

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Wade kept his body in shape this off-season by doing explosive exercises. In the video below, Wade performs Hurdle Hops, footwork drills and agility drills that simulate his slashing through the lane. The 6-foot-4 guard will not only continue to dominant in the lane, he will also be shooting more 3s. Despite his age, we won't be surprised if Wade has a resurgence with his new team.

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