Dynamic Core Training With Skip Schumaker

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Once a utility man who could play nearly any position on a baseball field, Skip Schumaker of the St. Louis Cardinals has evolved into a highly capable everyday second baseman. But even after 123 starts at 2B in 2010, the five-year MLB veteran knows that nothing is guaranteed, which is why he's training harder than ever this off season in Orange County, Calif.  Schumaker personifies the old adage, "outwork your competition." He had no choice, he says, "because I can't rely on talent alone to make it to where I need to be."

Following a disappointing 2010 campaign, the 5'10" leadoff hitter teamed up with a new performance coach to get a jump start on his  off-season training. And with less than two weeks to go before the start of spring training, rather than scaling back his  workloads, Schumaker continues to up the intensity in each session.

At the top of the menu is a Dynamic Core Training Circuit that Schumaker performs before the speed, agility and power phases of his workout.

Leading off the circuit are Sledgehammer Smashes. Schumaker goes to work, explosively slamming an 11-pound sledgehammer on a tire positioned upright against a wall. Although he's not a switch hitter, he works both sides to ensure muscular balance.

Second, he performs Three-Switch Mountain Climbers on a physioball. These improve body control and reinforce proper running mechanics, which Schumaker will put to use later during his speed work.

Next up are Rope Waves, a work capacity builder that trains the body to resist fatigue.

Finally, Schumaker performs Landmine Rows to  build rotational power.

Perform this circuit twice at the beginning of your workout.

You too can get a jump on the upcoming baseball season. Visit the New Balance Baseball channel at STACK TV for training and skill videos featuring NB's 2011 big-league lineup.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock