Eddie Lacy Has Reportedly Gained Back All the Weight He Lost Doing P90X

He's back to his 2015 weight, but it hasn't stalled his production on the field.

Eddie Lacy's struggles with weight have been well-documented. After Lacy showed up to Green Bay Packers camp last season noticeably overweight (close to 260 pounds), then struggled through a season in which he rushed for just 758 yards and three touchdowns, both career lows, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy publicly called Lacy out and asked him to drop some pounds or risk losing his spot on the roster.

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Lacy responded, spending the off-season revamping his nutrition and engaging in the P90X exercise programs to get his weight down to 231 pounds, which is what he weighed before the NFL Combine when he was coming out of Alabama in 2013. And even though the Packers have struggled offensively so far this season, it's been no fault of Lacy's, who's averaging 5.1 yards per carry through five games, the highest of his career.

Unfortunately, Lacy suffered an ankle sprain last week in the Packers' loss to the Dallas Cowboys, and to add insult to injury, news leaked out that all the weight he had worked so hard to lose has already come creeping back. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Lacy has returned to his 2015 weight, and though Schefter doesn't have an exact number, it's somewhere between 255 and 265 pounds. That obviously hasn't affected his performance on the field yet, but it has to be extremely disappointing for Lacy to see all his hard work this off-season get nullified.


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