2 Endless Running Games for the iPhone and iPad

Endless running games can provide a fun diversion when you have a couple minutes to kill. Check out two of the genre's best.

Temple Run Brave
Searching for easy, fun games to kill time with your iPhone? Look no further than the endless running games, ImangiStudios' Temple Run Brave and Game Cooks' Run for Peace.

The concept of the genre is basic. The object is to keep your on-screen character running as long as possible without "dying." You earn achievements for doing incredible stunts and dodging around items, objects and/or people.

Temple Run Brave is similar to its predecessor, Temple Run. However, in this branded take, players run, slide, jump, turn and shoot their way through Scotland as Merida, the Pixar movie's heroine. The chief villain is Mordu, the "demon bear." Another new feature is the ability to shoot bulls-eyes at targets for extra coins. Upon purchasing the game, you start up with 2,500 coins, used for power-ups.

Though similar to Temple Run Brave, Run for Peace includes a charity component in addition to its unique setting. Game Cooks has promised to donate five percent of game proceeds to UNESCO "to help those in need in war-torn areas of the world."

In the game, you play as Salim, who runs through a variety of Middle Eastern countries avoiding obstacles like oil spills, bombs and missiles. For an added level of difficulty, Salim runs from left to right on the screen, instead of away from you. The ultimate goal is to complete a Peace Sign. This is accomplished by successfully running through each country. Once you've safely crossed an area, part of the Peace Sign lights up. After you cross all of the countries, the entire sign lights up.

Temple Run Brave and Run for Peace are available for $0.99/each for the iPhone and iPad. Brave can also be purchased for your iPod Touch and Android.

Image: kickedface.blogspot.com

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