Even at 53, Michael Jordan Will Still Destroy You in a Shooting Contest

Michael Jordan is still incredibly cold blooded.

It is said that Michael Jordan was one of the most competitive athletes on the planet, as if losing a basketball game—or anything involving a competition—could be equated with death. Even at age 53, the refusal to lose still runs thick in Jordan's veins.

Hanging out with Chris Paul at CP3's youth basketball camp, Jordan became part of a bet when Paul announced to hundreds of frenzied campers that they would all receive a free pair of shoes if MJ missed three or more shots as he went around the world with the basketball. With campers screaming, pounding the floor and even booing at one point, the GOAT proceeded to drain all six shots, sending every camper home empty handed. He even drilled a free throw with Paul covering his eyes with his hand.

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Jordan still has heart though. He told the disappointed campers that if Paul hit all of his shots around the arc, they'd still be in line for new kicks. Paul followed through, until his last ball from the right corner rattled out.

Tough day to be a kid who needs new shoes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock