Even Houston Rockets Fans Don't Think Their Team Can Beat the Warriors in the First Round of the Playoffs

Rockets fans are not optimistic about their team's chances in the NBA Playoffs.

James Harden

The Houston Rockets went on a late-season roll, which they had to do in order to claim the number 8 spot in the Western Conference Playoffs. The Rockets ended their season with three straight wins. Now they have to face the Golden State Warriors on Round 1. Was it worth it?

According to Rockets fans, not so much.

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Houston TV station KPRC polled Rockets fans to get their assessment of the team's chances. Early results: the Rockets have a zero percent chance to beat the Warriors.


The final tally wasn't much better. Fans gave the Rockets a 3 percent chance against the Warriors but a zero percent chance of advancing to the conference finals or winning the NBA Championship. Where is your faith, Houston fans?


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