Even With a Cast on His Right Hand, Terrelle Pryor is Killing His Offseason Workouts

Offseason surgery hasn't stopped Pryor from getting after it in the gym.

During Week 15, in a game against the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor suffered a torn finger ligament on his right hand, an injury that typically requires surgery. But Pryor appeared in both of the Browns' final two games, despite the team's dismal record and non-existent playoff hopes. When the season mercifully concluded, Pryor underwent surgery on his hand, and he has since returned to the gym despite sporting a fairly large cast on his right hand.

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Pryor has been posting a myriad of workout clips to his Twitter account, from Split-Squats to Single-Leg RDLs with a kettlebell to core work with Sliding Planks and Elevated Crunches with a weighted plate.

Pryor's contract status with the Browns  is currently up in the air. He will become an unrestricted free agent when the NFL's free agency period kicks off in March, but he appears to have a strong desire to stay with his current team. There have been reports that talks about a contract extension have stalled, but the Browns still have the option of slapping a one-year franchise tag on their talented wide receiver, though that would be a last resort.

Wherever Pryor ends up, whether back in Cleveland or elsewhere, we'll continue to be impressed by his work ethic.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock