Every Time the Baltimore Ravens Win, One of Their Players Celebrates With a Gallon of Ice Cream

That's too much ice cream, man.

The Baltimore Ravens currently sit atop the AFC North at 6-5. This means that safety Eric Weddle has consumed six gallons of ice cream since the NFL season began in September. Ice cream is Weddle's celebration meal of choice when the Ravens are victorious on Sunday afternoons, and the bearded safety occasionally takes to his Twitter page to post photos of his glorious creation, which usually consists of vanilla ice cream, Oreo crumbles and caramel sauce. The photos he posts typically look like regular servings of ice cream in a bowl, but we haven't been getting the full story.

"I would think that I consume a full gallon," Weddle told Pro Football Talk. "I usually take the first batch of some ice cream, eat it and then about an hour later, at halftime of the Sunday night game, I go after a second serving. So I pretty much get a whole gallon of ice cream Sunday night. It's pretty bad."

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A gallon of Schwan's Vanilla Ice Cream contains 4,160 calories, which means Weddle has consumed almost 25,000 calories of ice cream so far this year—and that's not counting the Oreos and caramel syrup. Weddle stands just 5-foot-11 and weighs 195 pounds. That cannot be healthy in any way, shape or form.

The Ravens may win more games this season, but they might risk their All-Pro safety ballooning to 300 pounds. And nobody wants that.

Eric Weddle

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