A Better Foam Roller: the enso Roller by EvoFit, Reviewed

If you want an alternative to traditional foam rollers, the ensō by EvoFit is worth checking out.

We're all built differently, so why do all foam rollers seem to look alike? With their long cylindrical shape, they allow you to massage out knots in many major muscle groups; but they don't always do a great job of targeting smaller muscles without applying unnecessary pressure to areas you're not trying to work on—e.g., hitting your spine when you're trying to roll out your lower back muscles. Also, the one-size-fits-all design of traditional foam rollers leaves users with little control over how much pressure they can use.

The ensō Roller by EvoFit solves this problem. If features eight discs of varying sizes, which you can arrange in different orders to better hit specific muscle groups. The discs lock in to 13 different positions along an aluminum core, giving you numerous ways to adjust the roller to your body and its needs. Customization allows users to dig in to the muscles they want to hit while avoiding unwanted pressure in areas they don't.

EvoFit's website provides a list of suggested configurations for hitting specific muscle groups. But that's just a start. You can adjust the ensō in many ways until you find the combination that works best.

EvoFit ensō Foam Roller

Traditional foam rollers can be used only one way—on the ground with the user placing the targeted muscle on top. In contrast, the ensō can also be employed in any position (standing, kneeling), with the user holding the aluminum core as a handle. This gives users complete control to apply the right amount of pressure on the precise area they want to hit.

During tests of the ensō, we felt it dug in deeper than other rollers because of its adjustability and firmness. We also found that because of its adjustability and functionality as a handheld roller, the ensō is easier to use than a traditional foam roller on tough spots such as calves and hip flexors.

Weighing more than 2 pounds, the ensō is not as light as a traditional foam roller (mostly due to its aluminum core). But the device is smaller than a long foam tube and can conveniently fit into a gym bag or backpack, so you can take it anywhere.

If you're someone who has issues with traditional foam rollers or you're looking to apply deeper and more specific pressure, the ensō is worth checking out.

The ensō Roller by EvoFit is available at evofitforlife.com for $69.99.

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