One Band, Many Possibilites: Exercise Band Workout

STACK Expert Bill DeLongis offers a resistance band workout you can use as a warm-up or a finisher after your lift.

An exercise band is one of the most inexpensive and versatile pieces of workout equipment out there. You can use it for a slow and steady warm-up, or to completely blast your body at the end of a workout.

Here's an exercise band workout that works both extremes. I have used it as a warm-up circuit with my lacrosse team before an upper-body lift, and as a finisher with a client who was on vacation and only had access to a hotel gym. I've also used it on the road when no gym was available.

Whatever your needs, I think this workout can be a good addition to your program.

Option 1: When you are away from your weight room

Depending on your goal, time available and band thickness, you can do the workout as a circuit or with single sets.

Circuit: Do as many good reps of each exercise as possible in 45 seconds. Take 15 seconds to transition to the next exercise. Repeat the circuit three times with two to three minutes between rounds.

Single Sets: Perform each exercise for three sets of 10-15 reps. Depending on the thickness of your band, you may need to perform more or fewer reps. If your band is too thin, perform a slower eccentric (lowering of the rep) to make it more challenging.

Option 2: As an upper-body warm-up or finisher

I love this as an upper-body warm-up because it will get your heart rate up and is way more beneficial and specific than most warm-ups. You hit all the major upper-body movement patterns with some moderate resistance in a fashion that will break a sweat.

That being said, it can also be brutal (especially if you're already fatigued), so using it at the end of your lift as a finisher can be a great way to empty your tank before calling it a day.

Perform the circuit above for one round.


1a. Band-Resisted Push-Up

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15
  • Superset with Floor Press if performing workout one set at a time

1b. Band Floor Press

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

2. Band Bent Over Row

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

3. Band Curl & Press

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

4. Band Lat Pull-Down

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

5. Band Pull-Apart with Static Front Raise

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

6. Band Shrug

  • Duration or Sets/Reps: 45 seconds or 3x10-15

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