Exercise of the Week: Conditioning Gauntlet

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The Conditioning Gauntlet is an end-of-practice conditioning drill that's appropriate for almost every sport. The goal is to completely tax your energy systems to condition your body. That way you'll be prepared—and able—to give your max effort in the final minutes of a game.

To spice up this classic drill, Denny Locascio, of Sports + Field training facility in Tampa, Florida, has Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks RF, perform the Gauntlet with a Lateral Shuffle, Backward Sprint and Carioca—in addition to the Forward Sprint. The four change-of-direction variations work on Upton's agility and speed in different planes of motion.

  • Line up six cones five yards apart
  • Starting at cone 1, shuffle to cone 2; plant and sprint back to cone 1
  • Repeat to each cone
  • Repeat Gauntlet using Carioca-to-Sprint, Backpedal-to-Sprint and Sprint-to-Sprint patterns

Reps/Sets: 1x4 with 2 min. rest

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock