Exercise of the Week: TRX Rip Trainer Lateral Shuffle With Power Chop

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The STACK Exercise of the Week will help you improve your overall sports performance—including strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. This week we highlight the the TRX Rip Trainer Lateral Shuffle With Power Chop, an exercise that improves full-body strength and core power.


Who's Doing It

  • Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee Bucks PG


Muscular Benefits

  • Builds a base of strength from the lower to upper body
  • Increases core rotational power and stability
  • Improves balance and body control

Sports Performance Benefits

This exercise will improve your rotational power by improving core stability. A stable core prevents power loss during lower-body rotational movements, such as swinging, throwing or reaching for a rebound. Also, performing an explosive movement against the resistance of the Rip Trainer improves balance by forcing your joints to stabilize when pushing against the Rip Trainer and controlling it on the return.

TRX Rip Trainer Lateral Shuffle With Power Chop How-To

  • Assume athletic position holding Rip Trainer in front with overhand grip and cord to right
  • Shuffle twice to left; maintain balanced, upright posture
  • Rotate hips to left and drive through rear leg to perform power chop
  • Rotate hips to right to return to shuffle position
  • Shuffle twice to right to return to starting position
  • Repeat for specified reps; perform set in opposite direction

Reps: 2x16 each side

Coaching Points

  • Maintain balance as resistance increases throughout movement
  • Don't let Rip Trainer tug you off line of motion
  • Keep good form while returning to starting point


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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock