Explosive Power Tips from UFC Fighter Jessica Eye

Want to train like UFC fighter Jessica Eye? This article by Lee Gordon offers five workout tips from 'Evil' herself.

Explosive Power

In martial arts, explosive power and speed are paramount. Quick movement, the ability to close the gap with your opponent and powerful striking are the keys to victory. No one understands this better than cage fighter Jessica Eye.  The 27-year old from Cleveland is known for her speed, agility and power as a bantamweight in the UFC.

Eye trains to build explosive power in her movement and strikes using traditional methods and leading athletic training systems. By developing her explosive power and speed outside the cage, she has been able to dominate her opponents with relentless movement and devastating striking. Her nickname is "Evil" for a reason.

Eye shared her top five tips on developing world-class power and speed. She trains at Strong Style Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Independence, Ohio.

Jessica Eye

UFC Fighter Jessica Eye (Photo: Bellator)

Jump Training

In jump training, your muscles exert maximum effort as quickly as possible, to develop both speed and power. Training with different types of jumps can help a fighter more quickly close the gap with an opponent.


Kettlebells have been around since the 1700s, but have recently become popular in UFC and MMA. Proper use of kettlebells will strengthen your lower back, legs and shoulders and increase your grip strength. The basic movements, such as the Swing, Snatch and Clean, engage your entire body at once. Kettlebells promote intense, explosive movements that strengthen your core.

Focus Mitt Training

Focus mitt training is good for practicing combinations and head movement while building explosiveness. Through muscle memory, the brain encodes striking techniques. Through repetition, the body develops power and speed. Hitting mitts are one of the best ways to increase punching power and accuracy.

VertiMax Knee and Kick Training

VertiMax is a light-load, high-speed training system designed to develop power. To increase striking power, connect the resistance cords of the VertiMax to your hips and thighs. To provide more resistance, you can cross the cords. Concentrate on good form and explosive movement to take yourself to the next level of athletic training.

VertiMax Lateral Movement Exercises

These allow you to increase your endurance and quickness during lateral movement. By connecting a resistance cord to a belt loosened to allow rotation, you can move around freely in all directions. Stopping lateral movement and exploding again in the direction of resistance will develop speed and power when you attack or evade your opponent.

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