Ezekiel Elliott Destroys Jim Harbaugh on Twitter

The next Ohio State-Michigan football matchup is months away, but sparks are already flying between the two programs.

Ezekiel Elliott Runs Over Michigan's Defense

It's good to see that the Ohio State-Michigan Rivalry is as colorful as ever. Although their next football matchup is more than eight months away, sparks are already flying between the two programs, featuring some chippy tweets between Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh and former Buckeyes running back Ezekiel Elliott.

A little backstory: Earlier this year, in an unprecedented move, Michigan football held it's spring practices at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. That angered a lot of coaches, especially in the SEC and ACC, who felt it was a brazen attempt to move in on their recruiting territory. It also sparked debate about whether the NCAA should ban Harbaugh and other coaches from trying something like that again in the future.

The plot thickened when Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer may or may not have indicated that the Buckeyes would consider holding future spring practices in Florida. OSU athletic director Gene Smith seemed to put that debate to rest while also delivering a subtle insult to his rival, saying of Harbaugh's move: "If we were jumpstarting our program, I'd probably try and do that too."

Harbaugh—who is skilled in the ways of Twitter trolling—did not take kindly to Smith's words. He took to his preferred social platform to launch the following shot at Smith:

But unfortunately for Harbaugh, his team's dismal performance against the Buckeyes last year left him open to a countershot, and it came from Elliott with knockout force.

Ezekiel Elliott Twitter JabWhen you win 42-13, you can do that.

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