Ezekiel Elliott Lost His First Road Game Since His Freshman Year in High School

It had been almost seven years since Elliott lost away from home.

Playing football away from home has been good to Ezekiel Elliott. In his four years at the John Burroughs School outside St. Louis, he lost just seven games—three at a neutral site, one at what was considered a home game and the other three on the road. But Zeke was just a freshman, and he only carried the ball in one of those games.

It got even better in college. In three years at Ohio State, Elliott lost only four times, two at home, one in the 2013 Big Ten Championship and one to Clemson in the 2013 Orange Bowl.

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You can see where we're going with this. Before Elliott ever stepped foot on NFL turf, he had lost just a single road game since he was a freshman in high school. His streak continued through 12 weeks of his rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys, who suffered only one loss on its way to an 11-1 record—a Week 1 home defeat to the New York Giants.

"I haven't had that many losses in football," Elliott told the Dallas News. "Honestly, I've probably lost less than 15 football games my whole life and I've been playing since I was 7."

It was fitting, then, that the Giants would be the team that finally ended Elliott's road winning streak. On Sunday night at the Meadowlands, they dispatched the Cowboys 10-7, holding Zeke to just 51 yards on 20 carries, a measly 2.6 yards-per-carry average.

Still, Elliott's ability to avoid losing on the road for almost seven straight years is an incredible feat, which should not be soon forgotten.

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