Fall 2017 Training Gear and Apparel Round-Up

This gear will help you perform (or look) better.

Fall is rapidly approaching. That means you're back in school (or are about to be), playing a sport and hitting the weights with your team. So there's no better time than now to stock up on the hottest training and sports gear to improve your game, or simply look downright cool.

Here are some of the top products we've seen come through STACK HQ.

Axius Core Training System

Axius is a versatile training tool that combines—and improves upon—multiple pieces of gym equipment into one product. You can do Push-Ups, Ab Rollouts, stand on it and do unstable Squats, or even attach resistance bands and train your upper body. The rolling ball system allows for unique rotational movements to challenge your core with exercises that simply aren't possible with a traditional ab roller or other types of training equipment.

AxiusCore.com / $295

Reebok J.J. II

The J.J. II builds off the success of the first edition of J.J. Watt's signature training shoe. The shoe combines enough flexibility and traction for speed training, and stability for heavy lifting—perfect for athletes who need a single shoe that can handle a full workout. It also has the comfort and breathability for everyday wear.

Reebok.com / $100

Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry is a resistance band system for athletes looking to develop shoulders that are strong and resistant to injury. I personally use Crossover Symmetry to strengthen my shoulders and back, and it's helped me recover from a stubborn shoulder injury.

CrossoverSymmetry.com / $195

Trigger Point GRID Vibe

The Trigger Point GRID foam roller is one of the top foam roller products on the market and is a STACK favorite. The latest edition features built-in vibrating technology that increases the effectiveness of your foam roller routines. The roller is actually quite compact and lightweight and holds an impressive two-hour charge, making it possible to take it on-the-road.

TPTTherapy.com / $100

Second Skin Training Apparel Line

Recently launched across Dick's Sporting Goods stores, Second Skin apparel is geared toward high-intensity athletes—think strength training, HIIT workouts, CrossFit and obstacle course racers. The line features shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and compression gear designed to perform like—you guessed it—a second skin. The breathable material keeps you cool and dry and features technology that prevents odors. From our brief testing of a few products in the line, Second Skin's products appear to live up to the hype.

SecondSkin.com / $30-90

Vicis Oakley Football Shield

Vicis and Oakley collaborated to bring Oakley's cutting-edge Prizm lens technology to football helmets. In short, Prizm lenses are tuned to enhance some colors and filter out those that aren't important or are harmful to your eyes (i.e., blue light). (Read more about this technology in our in-depth review). The visor includes the same high-definition optics of Oakley's sunglasses—many lenses actually distort vision—and optimize the colors that football players need to see to perform. Many NFL players are already wearing this new product, and it will be available for purchase in September.

Vicis.com / TBD

Hyperice Hypersphere

Have a troublesome spot that a foam roller just can't get? Try Hyperice's Hypersphere. This vibrating ball is about the size of a softball and can target hard-to-get muscles and tissues that simply aren't possible to target with a traditional foam roller. It's an intense experience so proceed with caution if you're new to foam rolling.

Hyperice.com / $149

Varo RAP Bat Sleeve

The Varo RAP Bat Sleeve slides over the barrel of your bat to protect it and increase durability during training sessions. The ballistic material optimizes power and also reduces vibration, so your hands aren't stinging after taking dozens of swings during practice.

VaroBaseball.com / $30

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls


Golf balls typically offer distance or feel and touch. TaylorMade combines the two the qualities in one ball that's advertised as the "The Most Complete Tour Ball." A 3-layer core optimizes the energy transfer between club and ball, and a 2-layer cover provides spin and touch for your short game.

TaylorMade.com / $45

2XU Hyoptik Thermal Tights

2XU's compression technology increases blood flow, helps you warm-up faster and improves recovery. The tights are made from antibacterial, moisture-wicking material with reflective logos that help keep you safe when training at night.

2xu.com / $69