The 5 Worst Types of Fantasy Football Players

STACK identifies five of the worst types of fantasy football players. Do you have one of these guys in your league?

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Fantasy Football

Photo via Deadspin

Over 30 million people participated in fantasy football last year, and the great majority of them played the online version of the NFL the right way. They spent time researching before their draft, developed a plan and executed it. They engaged in friendly banter with their opponents, suggested an incredibly fair trade or two and had an overall enjoyable experience as a standup member of a fantasy football society and as a key part of a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, 30 million is a large number, and not all of the people who play fantasy football are such good sports. In thousands of leagues around the country, some fantasy football players are ruining things for everybody. An awful league commissioner awards 10 points for 30-yard field goals. An opponent drafts every player on your wish list then quits midway through the season. These infuriating types can drive responsible players to the verge of insanity, turning what used to be joyous Sundays into panic-induced nightmares. If you're thinking about playing fantasy football this season and want to have the best possible experience, don't be one of the guys featured in the slideshow.

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