How to Pick a Pun-Tastic, Awesome Fantasy Football Team Name

Don't start your fantasy football season with a lame team name. Yahoo expert Brandon Funston helps you choose a winner.

Joe Haden

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Putting together a league, drafting a stellar team and talking smack are all important aspects of success in fantasy football. But without a team name that makes your opponents chuckle and say "that clever Clarence" every time they look at it, what's the point of even playing? Unfortunately, not all of us went to a liberal arts college and are creative enough to dream up gut-busting team names. Don't worry. Yahoo Fantasy Football expert Brandon Funston is here with tips to ensure that even though you might finish in last place, your team name will always be a winner.

The Player Pun

Ah, the pun. When used poorly, it can alienate an entire group of friends and make your buddies not want to hang out with you anymore. But when done correctly, a pun can create a team name for the ages. Here are a few things to consider before you go pun happy.

If you're going to use a player name as a pun, make sure you actually draft that player. Perhaps wait until your draft has ended before locking in your name. "You don't want to be naming your team 'Brady Gaga' and not have Tom Brady as your quarterback," Funston said.

Another option is to use a defensive player's name. You won't have to worry about missing out on him during the draft. Something along the lines of "Quit Haden on Me" or "Revis and Butthead" could do the trick.

The "Making Fun of Your Opponent" Team Name

If you don't want to mess around with player names, coming up with something that takes a jab at your opponent is another route you can take. For instance, a name like "Team Schadenfreude" not only makes your opponent take precious time out of his day to log on to an online search engine, but once they find out it means "taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others," they'll be shaking in their boots. "Sorry For Your Loss" is another solid option, unless you start the season 0-8. Then you might want to think about changing it.

The "Current Events Reference" Name

Want to be hip? Name your team something culturally relevant. According to Funston, "Ed Hochuli's Gun Show," which refers to the super-jacked NFL referee, is a popular choice. "Team Six," the squad that took out Osama Bin Laden, is also a classic go-to. "Conan O'Brien's Hair" also seems like a fantastic choice. Make sure your team name is relevant, though. No one wants to be the guy with an outdated reference.

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