"FIFA 13" Kinect Features Detailed

FIFA 13 looks like it will definitely be "Better With Kinect" as it will feature advanced voice controls for more realistic gameplay.

Ever since the debut of the Kinect, gamers and athletes have clamored for a sports game that integrates the technology in an organic way. In its E3 press conference, EA finally demonstrated Kinect features in FIFA 13. After the sneak peek, it was clear that the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 13 is worthy of the slogan, "Better With Kinect."

For starters, FIFA 13 will feature full voice command support. Using voice commands, you'll be able to instruct your squad as if you were right on the field. Changing formations, making substitutions and switching tactics will become second nature as you make plays without ever having to pause the game. This should introduce a whole new level of on-the-fly strategy previously impossible in any FIFA game.

You'll also be able to talk to your computer-controlled teammates as if you were playing beside them. With this feature, you can call for a shot or a pass with ease, which should make games a lot more enjoyable for athletes used to communicating with teammates as they sprint down the field.

Finally, you will be able to push back in real time against referee decisions. As demonstrated in the E3 video, referees will in turn react to your treatment of them—good or bad. If you don't like a referee's call and use foul language, expect a yellow card.

FIFA 13 looks like it will finally deliver the intuitive voice controls athletes have been requesting for years. Although no firm release date has been set, the game should be available in late August. If you want to play it "Better With Kinect," you will need the Xbox 360.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock