VIDEO: 'FIFA 16' Will Include Women's Teams

Gamers will be able to play their favorite international women's soccer teams in 'FIFA 16,' which comes out in September.

For the first time in the series' history, the new edition of the FIFA video game will feature female soccer players and teams.

IGN spoke with EA Sports exec David Rutter about what led them to include women in FIFA 16. He revealed that it wasn't an idea they just recently start tossing around. "It's come about in a bunch of different ways," said Rutter. "We've been chatting about it in the game team for a couple of years now. We've always felt there were things that needed to be done in the game that were more pressing—making passing work, or shooting, etc.—but the fact of the matter is that the tools and the technology that we have on the game team now are at a level where you can really do the authenticity of the women's game justice."

The game will feature 12 international women's teams: Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Spain, China, Australia, Mexico, Italy and England. Regarding why they didn't opt for the Premier League, Rutter added, "It really boiled down to trying to give the fairest, broadest appeal. We could've done something like that, but then it would've just restricted it to English fans, and that doesn't make sense right now."

Women's teams will be able to participate in Match Day and in online and offline tournaments. However, at this time, you will not be able to play a women's team against a men's team. Check out the trailer below.

FIFA 16 will debut on Sept. 22 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock