FIFA Soccer 11: Emotions Run Wild

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Creativity and personal touch have never been more meaningful on the virtual pitch, thanks to EA Sports' FIFA Soccer 11, which launched yesterday.

The latest edition of EA's soccer franchise game is all about making players' actions as true to life as possible. Emotions and physical stature play huge roles, as gamers must now fight for every loose ball, deliver the occasional elbow or even commit a silly foul when tempers start to flare.

Don't assume that physical play will go unpunished. A foul is still a foul. However, the gameplay ratchets soccer physicality up to a whole new level, making the English Premier League (the most physical in the world) look like a B-League compared to the pace and power of FIFA 11.

STACK's Favorite Features:

360 Fight For Possession: No longer just jostling for loose balls. Gamers can now fight for possession anywhere on the pitch. Tug arms during free kicks, push players on crosses or collide with the entire back line. If it happens in real life, it can happen on FIFA 11.

11 v 11: Find out which member of your crew has the best virtual ball skills. Team up and challenge the online world. With the all new Be A Goalkeeper Mode, gamers can grab 10 members from their crew and take on another squad 11 v 11, for the first time ever.

Creation Centre Beta: With the online Creation Centre, you can invent your own personal player's appearance, accessories and attributes, then put together an entire team, with its own distinctive crest and kits.  Focus on possession and passing, or rely on physical skills to dominate the pitch. Whatever you decide, your formations and tactics can all be managed online and downloaded to your console.

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