Fila Massaggio: Relax Your Feet After a Hard Workout

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Fila Massaggio
Looking for something to soothe your feet after grueling two-a-days this summer? Check out Fila's Massaggio, a sports sandal that may be just what your banged-up feet have been aching for.

These slide-on sandals feature a synthetic footbed covered in nubs that massage the feet with every step. For added comfort and to absorb shock, the shoe contains gel in the midsole and heel and lightweight, injected DLS foam in the outsole. The upper uses Velcro for a custom fit and padding for even more comfort.

Originally launched in 1972, this sports sandal has a great reputation among athletes. Besides being an effective tool for soothing sore feet after workouts or other physically demanding activity, Massaggios are also a comfortable footwear option for casual wear in the summer. However you wear them, Massaggios by Fila are a great way to give your feet a vacation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock