Find Your Strong: Saucony Launches Global Campaign

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Running brand Saucony recently launched its first national television commercial as part of a new multi-media global interactive campaign called "Find Your Strong."

Saucony challenges the notion that "strong" applies only to muscular strength. "[Strength] is something completely your own and worth sharing," says one campaign tagline.

Is strength tangible? Can it be measured? Is it achieving success? Is it how you train? How well you get along with teammates? "Maybe strong is just what you have left when you've used up all your weak," says Saucony.

Where do you derive your "strong" on the field—from yourself or others? And how does playing your sport inspire and motivate you in other aspects of your life?

Saucony plans to showcase different types of human experience, because ultimately it is struggle that reveals the heart, the hustle and the unique "strong" in everyone. Check it out at


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock