First Look at "Total War: Rome II"

"Total War: Rome 2" is still a year away, but a new demo has gamers buzzing. Learn more about the highly anticipated sequel.


Take control of history with Total War: Rome II for the PC. Set to hit shelves sometime in 2013, TW: RII will let you take over the powerful Roman war machine and direct colossal battles in graphic detail.

Take control of the ancient world in TW:RII with intense strategy-based warfare—from directing the movements of individual soldiers to choreographing gigantic battles. The TW:RII demo depicts epic-scale battles with realistic graphics.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, it appears that TW:RII will allow four players—in partnership or opposition—to participate in the battle of Carthage. For example, one player could control the naval bombardment, another could command the archers, a third could handle siege weapons, and the fourth could direct the soldiers as they storm the streets of ancient Rome.

Despite a promised spectacular new graphics engine, Total War: Rome II is going to run at the same minimum specification level of its 2011 predecessor, Shogun 2. This is good news for gamers who play on an older PC. Also, developers at The Creative Assembly are predicting a more fulfilling gaming experience, with better modeling, new particles and a new sound design.

Even with the little that is known about Total War: Rome II's specs, gamers everywhere are already excited about its 2013 release. Stay tuned to STACK Gamer for more news.

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