"Madden 13" Gameplay News Released, Cover Athlete Announced

Learn the latest news of Madden 13.

Calvin Johnson Madden 13

EA Sports has released news on gameplay changes to Madden 13, offering bits of info in a webcast and promising more in future webcasts.

An obvious and exciting change is the new, updated broadcast team. Madden 13 will feature a fully-rendered Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, and the duo will set up each game with background facts, stories and opinions. Supposedly, 1:00 p.m. games will feel different from 4:00 p.m. games, and rivalry games will stand out. If you play night games, you'll see graphics that resemble real SNF and MNF broadcasts, with the polished, put-together look of a big-budget, prime time game. This is great news for Franchise Mode players—a season shouldn't feel like a series of exhibition games.

Other gameplay tweaks include new pass trajectories, improved play-action passing, a new read-and-react defensive system, new catch animations, broadcast TV montages at halftime and more than 200 cut scenes, which will vary from pre-game to pre-game.

In addition, EA announced that Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has won the honor as cover athlete for next year's edition.

Watch the replay of the webcast (below) to learn more about improvements to the franchise, and stay tuned for more webcasts from the Madden 13 team. Scheduled topics include audio improvements on May 14; additional gameplay features and the new "Connected Careers Mode" on June 4; and upgrades to Madden Ultimate Team on July 9.

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