Diet Programs or Lifestyle Change?

Lifestyle changes are difficult, but having a support group makes them easier.

Sweat Pink
Although diet programs are widely accepted and considered ideal for weight loss, a diet can be a lonely and dangerous place that leads to more than just fast weight loss. When considering a lifestyle change, you need to have dedication and a mindset that you're doing it to get healthier. After all, strong is the new skinny. (See The Dangers of Fad Diets.)

While the idea of a diet is understandable, at Fit Approach we like to look at it as a lifestyle change—and we mean it. Instead of working with a diet program simply to lose weight, we believe a better approach is to eat healthy portion sizes and have a steady exercise routine.

A lifestyle change can seem difficult, especially if it involves a dramatic shift; however the support of a group makes it much easier. Diet programs mostly promote types of yo-yo dieting or quick fixes. At Fit Approach, we have ambassadors all over the country working  to schedule workouts and races and sharing their experiences about sticking to a lifestyle. We have "link love" posts in our Facebook group telling of our week in the healthy life! We also have an open forum for questions. Our ambassadors ask and answer questions on everything from losing that extra baby weight to what to do when you're unhappy with your body. (Check out Why the "Everything in Moderation" Diet Is Best for Athletes.)

The participants in our "Sweat Pink" lifestyle support each other in every area. We work to make sure that everyone can achieve their goals, whether it's their first half marathon or running their first mile. Having a supportive community behind you ensures that you will hold yourself accountable for the goals that you set before the group. In the end, you want to succeed because you want those around you to succeed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock