Fit Workouts Into Your Busy Schedule With These Tips

Stay on track with these lifestyle tips that will help you maintain your training schedule.

We're all busy and have many things going on. It's possible to get overwhelmed, and we might decide that something has to be skipped. In many cases, our time in the gym or weight room is what gets chopped. We decide we need to take an extra rest day or resolve to double up on a day when we have less going on. Unfortunately, this doesn't help us achieve our fitness goals and can affect our results both in the short and long terms.

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If you're having trouble finding time to tray, put these workout tips into action so you can maximize the time you have available when you do hit the weights.

Have Your Gear with You

Athletic Gear

What's the point of running home, getting your gear and then running back out to train? That wastes valuable time. What's the solution? Bring your gym bag or gear with you. Pack it in your car or keep it in your locker so you'll have it when you need it.

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Set an Appointment

Workout Calendar

From your days in middle school, your day was determined by the clock. If you missed a class or meeting, you fell behind or got in trouble. Make this same commitment to your passion for training. Set a time during your day when you will commit to working out. If you take it that seriously, you're more likely to get it in and benefit from the results.

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Start the Clock


Just like committing to your training appointment, decide to make your training time really count. From the moment you start, keep an eye on the clock and work as hard as you can from start to finish. You're busy, so you can't afford to stay late. Focus sharply and get the job done in the time you have, whether it's 30 minutes or an hour. Another trick is to set up a playlist and complete your training by the time the list is over.

Rest Less with Training Boosters

Overhead Squat

Several options can help you get more done in less time. You can include training methods like supersets, drop sets, and circuits to keep yourself working and have less time for chit chat, sitting around or watching your phone. Take a brief period to catch your breath or sip water, but other than that, doing more work will not only challenge your muscles but also provide a cardiovascular benefit.



Sometimes you're not the problem. You might have people coming to talk with you or ask questions. People will be less likely to approach you if you have headphones in your ears, because they'll understand you can't hear them. So whether you're really listening to music or not, keep your ears plugged so you can work without distraction.

Get Up Early


The only thing athletes like more than training is sleep, so this one might be tough to accept. Think about it though. What are you going to be able to do at 5 or 6 a.m.? Sleep and not much else. School won't be starting yet, and unless you work a specific job, chances are the office won't be open, so this is a great time to concentrate on the weights or go for a run. Take a chance and get up early every day for a week so you can train. You might like it and make it a new habit.


Mirror Muscles

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many tips you follow if your motivation sags. The only surefire way you'll be able to train on a busy schedule is if you want it badly enough. You must resolve to do your training at any and all costs. A firm commitment will help you look for ways to make it happen and insure your fitness success.

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