5 New Game-Changing Fitness Inventions

Check out these five new training inventions and let us know which ones you want to try.


The KettleShell is a new device (patent-pending) that transforms a dumbbell into a kettlebell. Visit their facebook page to pre-order ($99.95).



1. The KettleShell


The KettleShell is a new device (patent-pending) that transforms a dumbbell into a kettlebell. Visit their facebook page to pre-order ($99.95).

The Verdict:  A great product.  Especially if you have access to a set of dumbbells, the kettleShell will make them way more versatile.

2.  The Cold Roller

Cold Roller

The latest innovation from Trigger Point Performance Therapy, the Cold Roller, combines myofascial release (foam rolling) with active cold compression to optimize muscle recovery post-workout. Stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours while you work out, then roll away. ($79.99)

The Verdict: Wonderful idea. Joining cold therapy with massage therapy could double your soreness prevention results in half the time.

3. Radiate Athletics Apparel

Radiate Athletics apparel

Starting at $39, these athletic shirts change color in sync with your body heat, clueing you in on your level of intensity and thermo-output. "Heat change is the metabolic response to exercise, and so you would get to know your own response by the color change," says Dr. Sheri Melton, a professor of exercise physiology. In short, the fabric contains special atoms that gain a carbon electron when valence electrons are accelerated through the application of heat, which affects the way the atoms reflect light waves.

The Verdict: These seem pretty nifty and a fun change from your normal workout gear, but the jury is still out on whether the shirt can effectively assist  athletic form or proper muscle activation.

4.  PUSH

PUSH fitness tracker

This wearable forearm device and accompanying iPhone/Android app sound promising. PUSH claims to be the first fitness tracking device that measures strength. With a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope (both included in most other trackers), it analyzes movement using algorithms that calculate metrics such as reps, sets, force, power, balance, velocity, explosive strength, one rep max, volume load and tempo. PUSH also plans to have a "Coach's Portal," where trainers can create specific workouts for an athlete or a team and where metrics can be collectively uploaded and viewed. Already making a splash among college athletic programs and gaining interest from dozens of top-tier athletes, trainers and teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB and MMA, PUSH can be pre-ordered at pushstrength.com for $149.

The Verdict: Not going to lie: this has us pretty excited. An app to measure and track strength and power will be new on the scene. Instead of simply tracking location, activity, or number of footsteps, it could help you discover and raise your limits in the gym.

5. Sproing Sport

Sproing Sports

The Sproing is a new training machine making a come-up in the Chicago area. Sproing combines cardio and strength training on a soft, low-impact surface. Designed to allow users to "run" pain-free, Sproing says its adjustable soft surface exerts half the joint-impact of running on a treadmill.

Sproing emulates and optimizes the "Pose" method of running, which compares running properly to learning how to fall, using gravity (and your hamstrings) to propel you forward. Pose breaks down the movement patterns of running into three teachable elements: the pose, the fall and the pull. The Sproing facilitates all three.

The Sproing website also promotes its ability to support a variety of high-intensity workouts. You can perform Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups and other exercises to improve your strength, stability and power.

The Verdict: We think this might be everywhere within a few years. The 2014 NFL Combine gave the Sproing a try, and at least four teams reportedly bought one.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock